Monday, February 19, 2007


Are here to share music with you, simple as that.

First albums/s

Canyonsofstatic EP

canyonsofstatic started in the winter of 2005 in a cramped unheated room as an experiment between friends. The goal was nothing more than to blow some dust off their instruments... What came out of those jam sessions was a collection of songs and a highly dedicated and focused group who threw themselves into playing as many live shows as possible.The band was formed with no singer and has for the time being decided to stay instrumental. The subtraction of words from the music has made it possible to reach a larger audience and to maintain a certain level of experimentation that has been evolving in the music ever since day one. The sound is drenched in reverb and effects, with a mix of melody and aggression. The songs are in the realm of film score which goes well with the live projection films of madness and color...The band has just independently released a 4 song self titled ep and hopes to tour in the summer of '07 and find a record label. to hear more check out canyonsofstatic at

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