Sunday, February 25, 2007


efore the Dawn Heals Us is an album by the French electronica group, M83. It is their third major album. It was released in the United States on 25 January 2005 to positive reviews. The album features 15 cuts of earthy electronica interspersed with guitars, acoustic drums and some vocals. Released on the Mute U.S. label.

The track "Teen Angst" featured in trailers to the 2006 film A Scanner Darkly. In addition, this album was chosen as one of's Top 100 Editor's Picks of 2005.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Felt(murs and slug)

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Felt is a collaboration between emcees Murs (Nick Carter) and Slug (Sean Daley). The group has released two albums so far, with the first one being produced by Murs' fellow Living Legends member The Grouch and the second one with Slugs long time beat maker ANT behind the boards.

Felt, Vol 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet is the second tribute album. This time the dedication is to former The Cosby Show and A Different World star Lisa Bonet. This album, as well as the first collaboration from these two, was spawned from a tour bus argument about whether Slug or Murs had a better chance of getting with Lisa Bonet.


Imaginary Sonicscape is not a traditional black metal album in sense. As with much of the later Sigh albums, this album verges on experimental tendencies. Some examples of this would be during the third quarter of the of "Scarlet Dream" the track drops the metal sound completely and develops a dub reggae type sound. Another song on the album, "A Sunset Song", has a similar change half way through the song where it develops a disco-funk sound.

Maps and Atlases

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Maps and Atlases offer songs that wrestle themselves from flailing, algebraic fits of spazzy guitar notes and drum ruptures to lulling, voice-driven melodies that speak stories using lyrical images strung together like soup cans chasing a Cadillac. Mostly influenced by experimental and technically adept musicians such as Hella, Don Caballero, and Psych-Folkies Devendra Banhart and Six Organs of Admittance, Maps and Atlases create a distinctive blend of the intricate and organic.

Black Moth Super Rainbow

lack Moth Super Rainbow come from deep within the woods of Western Pennsylvania. An actual, 5-member band not comprised of the expected laptops and sequencers, BMSR is a psyche-pop group in early '70s electronic clothing. Sometimes the songs feel like pagan rituals in a sugarcoated fairyland. Other times they're like sad thoughts on the happiest days. All played and lovingly assembled by real people with real hands. BMSR lives and makes music in their own lollipop neon folktale world.

Members prefer to go by aliases and stay away from normal press photos so the music is always the main focus. Led by Tobacco (Vox), who does most of the writing and production, the band also consists of Power Pill Fist (bass and atari), Father Hummingbird (rhodes and monosynth), The Seven Fields Of Aphelion (monosynth), and Iffernaut (drums). Not really coming from any kind of scene, Black Moth Super Rainbow is somewhat of an anomaly in their hometown of Pittsburgh; a place where most people don't even realize BMSR is from. By developing their ideas in near-seclusion and without any local influence, they come across as something feral and without solid comparison. Imagine being able to wipe the slate clean and hearing a pop song without ever hearing a pop song before. And then replacing the types of melodies you're accustomed to hearing from certain instruments with something different. It's kind of like that.

Most people associate sounds like a vocoded vocal with techno and novelty, and analog synths with electro, but BMSR is coming from a different place and trying to re-contextualize these sounds. They're categorized in the Electronic Genre, but their heads are somewhere else.
Srry kthzbai

Venetian Snares

VENETIAN SNARES. Likely the most prolific producer around Aaron Funk Continues to amaze the electronic music world with the innovative and challenging concepts that have made Venetian Snares a household name in the genre. Venetian Snares has quickly become a pioneer paving the way for the future of music.

This album of his, Winter In The Belly Of A Snake, is composed of some of his eeriest music to date. Highly advised for fans of Autechre+Boards of Canada on crack cocaine.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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Aidan Baker is a musician & writer currently based in Toronto, Canada. Classically trained in flute, he is self-taught on guitar, drums, & various other instruments. He performs the experimental collective ARC & the ambient/doom metal project Nadja.

On this album he creates four wonderfully slow moving night scapes. Through 'Melusine' a rounded warm tone loops with hissing puffs, shimmers and echoes and a deeper bowed note within. There is a suggestion of melody, resonance, yet subdued and an almost flat sound. The loops are gradually added to and there are crisper touches before the long fade, but it is a deeply hypnotic glacial development which the other tracks will share. A soft calling tone, guitar chime loop and bass pulse run through 'Rusalka', subtly manipulated and slowly diminishing. A soft slow voicish melody that also gradually changes plays over the top, with a few chitters and flutters passing through. There is a sense of slow building as the layers change balance, and in the last few minutes the surface develops details. Parts drop out to a final looped call. A contrast is formed in 'Lorelei' between a strumming loop and layers of pulsing buzzes and gentle tones. Strange little calls run through, some sounding like manipulated voice samples, echoed and infrequent. Gradually a tone music builds, recalling a calliope and enticing more activity - scrapes, jitters and machine rhythms, resonances and sudden brief loudnesses, drifting. Finally, a different tack with 'Undine' where a rapid guitar pick loop and soft percussives build to a cloud of sound for guitar notes to ply across - a fast base and very active. Long tones develop and gain prominence as the base fades a little, before guitar loops play the fade.

Panda Bear

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Animal Collective member Panda Bear (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) boldly returns with his long-awaited third solo record Person Pitch. Years in the making, Person Pitch marks a dramatic departure from Panda Bear’s previous solo record Young Prayer. The acoustic instruments of Young Prayer have been replaced with samplers and electronics.

Fusing Panda’s dramatic life changes over the past few years (marriage, moving to Lisbon, becoming a father) with his ever-increasing sonic palette (standouts include Caetano Veloso, Berlin Techno, Scott Walker, and Kylie Minogue), Person Pitch is suffused with the kind of feel good modern toe-tapping pop that seems harder and harder to find these days.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Are here to share music with you, simple as that.

First albums/s

Canyonsofstatic EP

canyonsofstatic started in the winter of 2005 in a cramped unheated room as an experiment between friends. The goal was nothing more than to blow some dust off their instruments... What came out of those jam sessions was a collection of songs and a highly dedicated and focused group who threw themselves into playing as many live shows as possible.The band was formed with no singer and has for the time being decided to stay instrumental. The subtraction of words from the music has made it possible to reach a larger audience and to maintain a certain level of experimentation that has been evolving in the music ever since day one. The sound is drenched in reverb and effects, with a mix of melody and aggression. The songs are in the realm of film score which goes well with the live projection films of madness and color...The band has just independently released a 4 song self titled ep and hopes to tour in the summer of '07 and find a record label. to hear more check out canyonsofstatic at