Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Gerogerigegege

possibly one of the funniest things ever. a 118 song 7'' thats barely 10 minutes long and with the song titles all running through the letter "G" in alphabetic order. we start with "G" and end with "gynecologist" with many different interpretations of the "get ___ ." following a countoff, a blast of sound ensues, usually lasting about 5 or 6 seconds. juntaro's count offs start getting rather long winded by the middle of the second side and it just gets funnier and funnier. one can hear the sound of a drum machine somewhere in the mix as well. the cover art contains the same format as the 'endless humiliation' cd, substituting a picture of an old man masturbating. this is a gero 7'' worth tracking down.
put out by the italian S.O.A. records 1993.

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Anonymous said...

a great start! although i heard about the gggg single, i haven't heard it yet! thx for sharing this, and the wonderful pick 4 the residents - probably their best (esp. 6 things to a cycle - the grand debut to american maverick composer harry partch!).

(: lucky :)